Monday, 15 August 2011

What a morning

Poor Eddie has been sick during the night. We slept like babies and didn't notice a thing until this morning when we were greeted by pathetic whining and a nasty smell from his cage. He had thrown up and had diarrhea all over the place, poor little thing.
In an attempt to keep it away from his sleeping area, he had put his bottom up against the wall of the crate and sprayed the walls and carpet liberallyMy oh my, what a job we had to get everything cleaned. We even had to break away some skirting boards, because it had seeped down behind them. Fortunately, we have some industry strength odour eliminator with enzymes, which is very effective.
Eddie had to go straight in the shower, even though he had a bath last night. He was not happy, but there was no way around it, unfortunately. The crate had to be carried out on the lawn and hosed down.
We have no idea why Eddie had a bad stomach. As far as we know, he has not eaten anything unusual. However, he could of course have gobbled up something in the garden when we haven't been looking. This is after all a puppy who thinks it's a good idea to be snacking on slugs and rotten leaves.
He was pretty miserable for few hours, but now he seems to have recovered a little, so we'll take him out for a stroll around the neigbourhood. A bit of fresh air will probably do him good.

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Helen said...

I'm glad he felt better. My Elizabeth thinks it is fun to eat bugs, sea shells, plants and just about anything she can get her mouth on. This has caused our share of bad stomach mornings.