Monday, 8 August 2011

Bathing beauty

First published in Norwegian 5 April 2011

Yesterday we had good weather and were able to enjoy ourselves in the garden and took several little walkies in the sunshine. Today however, the west coast showed its typical rainy side. The torrential downpour didn’t seem to faze Edward in the least. He lived up to his origin as a water dog, splashed around in every puddle he saw and drank so much muddy water you would never think we offered him a water bowl at home. It was probably to wash down everything he ate, such as grass, twigs, soil and rotting leaves. He also tried a huge slug and ended up getting his nose all sticky with slime.
With such a drenched and dirty puppy, we decided that we might as well give him a proper bath. So it was the laundry sink for him today as well.  It looks like he's going to get to know that sink really well.

NOT VERY HAPPY but remarkably calm.
Even though taking a bath can’t be very fun for him, he puts up with it without complaining in the least.

HOW CUTE AM I? A clean and cute puppy.
Afterwards it was nice to be dried with a warm and soft towel, before being groomed.

MIDDLE PARTING. This little curly head still has limited hairstyle options.
While Hubby did the blow-drying, Edward laid calmly on Husfruen’s lap and was combed until he became nice and fluffy. We have a proper hairbrush for dogs, but we have mislaid it. Until we find it, we’ll make do with a regular comb.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Edward got tired of the whole grooming business and decided to chew on the comb.
TUG OF WAR. Playing with the towel was fun too.
After the blow-drying, his fur became ever so soft and lovely. He suddenly looked a lot bigger.

A FLUFFY PUPPY relaxing in his designer daybed.
Finally it was time for a nap in his nice new bed. It will just be a daybed until he is housebroken. For now he must spend the nights in his crate. By the way, last night went very well. He fell asleep without whining or complaining, and showed no signs of wanting to get out when Hubby looked in on him at four o’clock. When morning came, he was terribly happy to see us, and we were very pleased to see that he had done his business on the puppy pad and nowhere else. Good dog!

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