Monday, 8 August 2011

The first day in a new home

First published in Norwegian on 4 April 2011
Yesterday we picked Edward up from the breeder. He was one of a litter of twelve puppies, so his mum was probably a little relieved that there were now only two left that had not yet left for their new homes. Edward and his sister were constantly nagging mum and running after her. Even though they really are weaned, milk from mum obviously tastes good anyway. Although there were now plenty of teats to go around, they nevertheless managed to fight over the same one.

Although Hubby did his best, it was not easy to get a good shot of the two black tornadoes charging around the garden. Not even when they tried to chew on his camera bag. They were running and jumping and play fighting all the time.

BYE BYE, MUM. Edward waves goodbye to his mother.
 It is obviously not easy for a small puppy to be separated from his mother and siblings, but that is the way it has to be. We have not had bought a travel cage yet, so the trip home took place in a cardboard box on Husfruen’s lap. We thought maybe Edward would whine and carry on, but the trip went just fine.

HELLO, WHERE AM I NOW? A confused little puppy looks up from his box.
When we reached Hilltop House, it was high time for a little wee before exploring his new garden. 

There was so much new and exciting to smell, and plenty of space to jump and run around.

AT FULL SPEED with ears flapping.
Indoors, a new crate was awaiting his arrival.

SNIFFING and inspecting his new bed chamber.
Upstairs in the kitchen, there was food and water to be had. The breeder had given us a pack of puppy feed from Hills, so he should get the same food that he is accustomed to.

SO HUNGRY. The food went down sideways.
After dinner, it was time for a little snuggle on Husfruen’s lap.

ENJOYING HIMSELF. Edward really likes a bit of tender attention.
Finally, it was too much for this little puppy and he fell asleep under the kitchen table.

Despite many people telling us to keep the puppy in our bedroom for the first few weeks, we decided against it. We felt it was better to establish a proper place to sleep from the very beginning. Besides, we really don't want to do anything that might trigger Hubby's allergy. 
In the evening, there was some whining when he was put in his crate, but it stopped a lot faster than we had expected. We were close by to calm and comfort him. He had been outside to do his business, both large and small, before bedtime, so we hoped the puppy pads would be adequate for the night’s needs. Alas no. In the morning we found out that he had pooped down the entire crate and it looked like he had been rolling in it as well. We were completely overwhelmed by how such an enormous amount of poop could come out of such a small body.
He was very happy to see us and did not protest at all when we took him straight into the sink in the laundry room to be thoroughly washed by Husfruen, while Hubby took on the task of cleaning out the crate. Tonight, I think we had better set the alarm clock, so that we can take him outside once or twice during the night.

Today has been spent playing in the garden, eating and napping - many times over.

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