Sunday, 14 August 2011

Football match

Today we had a football match in the garden between our visiting Liverpool supporter and Edward, who isn't quite sure which team he supports yet. He might be talked into being a Liverpoodlean, but his Dad is a Geordie, so he should really support Newcastle.

Edward loves his football and never gets tired of playing. Even though he wore a leash, he managed to run rings around the Scouse-lover.

Not many people can keep up with Eddie when he's at full speed.

- COME AND GET IT, if you can.
- HMM, you're not in the same league as Solskjaer, are you?
- HA HA, I dribbled him off his feet.
- COME ON, GET UP! Don't sit there and complain.
- OFFSIDE? Never.
Being just half a meter above the ground, and having four legs, probably gives Edward quite an advantage when it comes to football. He managed to wear out his opponent completely, but it was fun while it lasted.

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