Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dad's home

HAPPY DOG! Edward was all smiles when he saw his Daddy again.
Hubby has been away for more than a week now, and poor Edward has been pining for him. Everyday he has been wandering around the house, looking and sniffing for his Dad in every room. When he couldn't find him he would walk back to Husfruen, flop down on the floor with a heavy thud and sigh. Apparently life is pretty boring without Hubby around the house.

YAY! That tail wouldn't stop wagging when Hubby got down on the kitchen floor to play.
I took Edward with me to the airport to pick up Hubby. When we first saw him coming out of the terminal building, Eddie was a little bit confused for a second or two, then he just jumped on his Dad - smiling widely and wagging his tail. When we walked to the car, he didn't walk, but bounced - backwards, because he couldn't stop looking at Hubby.

PLAYING and rubbing belly.
When we got home the two of them had a long playing and hugging session on the kitchen floor.

BIG BOY. Hubby thought he could see that Edward had grown in the last week.
Now, things have settled down and we're all going to have a nice and quiet evening together.

- I THINK HE MISSED ME, just as much as I missed him.

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