Monday, 23 April 2012


This weekend has not been a pleasant one. Although Edward has really been his usual happy self, he has drooled something terrible over the past few days and dry heaved violently from time to time. Such things have happened before, but it has always stopped after a while. Now, however, it only got worse, and of course it had to happen on a Sunday evening when everything is closed.
Our regular vet does not have an X-ray machine, so she couldn’t help us. We called the vets on duty, but they were all so busy with lambing that no one had time for us. Besides, they thought we could wait until Monday morning, as Edward did not show signs of being sick apart from the drooling. We had examined his stomach which felt soft and normal, so we knew that we weren’t dealing with bloat - thankfully. He was also able to eat and poop as normal.
So, this morning we headed off to the clinic, where Edward was examined. He was given a sedative injection, which really didn't knock him out completely before we had come home again. We waited for it to take effect in the waiting room where there were several other dogs. Edward was very interested in a blond, pretty bitch, but as any drunk will tell you, it's really not easy to charm the ladies when you are not able to stand on your feet properly.
The vet first checked that Edward didn’t have something stuck in his throat. We were quite worried that he had swallowed something that was stuck somewhere in his stomach, so that he would need an operation. But fortunately, the X-ray showed that there was nothing hiding in the depths of his intestines.
The vet thought that it would have to be gastritis and gave Edward an injection of antibiotics. We also got a prescription for tablets.
It is good to have a soft pillow to rest your head on when you're sick.
Back home again, he spent a few hours in bed, but when he heard us out in the chicken run, his fear of missing out on something fun made him so strong that he managed to get on his feet and stumble to the door where he whined to let us know he wanted to join us. Usually, he is not allowed into the chicken coop, because he plays so rough but since he was so feeble we took the chance. It didn’t take long for him to recover enough to want to chase thechickens.

Drooling something terrible.
The rest of the day, he has mostly dozed in the shade. He is drooling profusely, so it's clear that something is wrong. He also whines a bit so he obviously doesn’t feel well. This is not pleasant at all. Tomorrow I’ll stay home from work to see how he is doing, because I don’t want him to be alone when he is like this.
We’ll cross our fingers that this will soon be over and that he will soon get well again.

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Pierre's Mom Debbie said...

Oh, how scarey! All of that drool, poor puppy. Sure hope Eddie feels better soon!~