Saturday, 28 April 2012

A medical update

Yesterday’s endoscopy revealed that Edward’s stomach had improved very slightly from the acid burns. Perhaps the anti-acid medication has helped a little. However, as he still keeps vomiting, the vet started to suspect that the acid burn may not be from ingested acid as we thought at first, but from his stomach acid. A dog's stomach has large amounts of extremely strong acid, with a pH level between 1 and 2. (pH7=neutral)

Acid from the stomach should not be able to enter the oesophagus because the oesophageal sphincter (the muscular ring at the lower end of the oesophagus) is normally closed except for when food is passing. In Edward’s case however, the sphincter was actually wide open all the time, causing the acid to flow freely from the stomach into the oesophagus. This is apparently an extremely rare condition, and MAY be caused by an anti-immune syndrome. The vet performed a test and took samples which have been sent off to Germany, where they have facilities to confirm this diagnosis. We will not get the result for another week. What will happen if it is confirmed, we still don’t know.

In the meantime we hope Edward will continue to fight for his life. His condition is very bad now. He has lost almost a quarter of his body weight and he was a skinny dog to begin with. He is weak and exhausted. Still, despite his pain and discomfort, he seems to find some joy in spending time with us, not to mention his chickens.

Yesterday we managed to persuade him to eat a tiny amount of food - hamburger meat, a few pieces of chicken and some cheese. Maybe a few teaspoons full all in all. The good news is that he managed to keep it down. We held him in a vertical position for about an hour afterwards, so as to help gravity keeping both the acid and the food in the stomach long enough to at least start digesting.

Edward’s Dad built a makeshift ramp for him to lie on in the bedroom, tilted just enough to make the juices run downwards. He actually went to sleep there and we all got some rest until 5 o’clock this morning, when the drooling and heaving started again. Mum took him outside for a long walk. Not far, just around the neighbourhood. We walked slowly around and around for two hours, enjoying the sunrise and the beginning of a beautiful sunny day. We let the chickens out and watched the sheep eat their breakfast in the forest behind the house.

Now Edward is resting again, before we’ll go back to the clinic for his daily IV drip.


Fru Fugl said...

Godt det finnes eksperter som kanskje har mulighet til å finne ut av dette sykdomsmysteriet. En uke er fryktelig lenge å vente på svar med en tynn og syk hund, men uansett er det viktig å få et svar. Veldig lurt med en "tilbar" seng og fint at Edward fikk i seg noen bitte små skjeer med mat. Vi tenker mye på dere og krysser alt vi har av fingre og poter. Dette er jo viktig for oss som har Edwards søsken.

Peter & Kalli said...

Poor Eddie (&mum & dad) you seem to see an improvement only for there to be a sting in the tail, I sincerely hope they can get you sorted very soon as you are going through so much, Hang in the big boy and try to help them help you.I would like to lose some weight but not the way you are doing it.
We (Peter and Kalli) send Big hugs to a brave fighter.

Anonymous said...

Where there is love there is hope...Edward knows love

Donita and spoo Maggie said...

Edward (and mum and dad) I am so sad for your pain. I think of you frequently. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You are beautiful!

Pierre's Mom Debbie said...

My sons (human and poodle) and I have been saying a special prayer every night for Eddie. Eddie (and Mum and Dad) touches our hearts with the love you share for one another. Know that your friends in Florida are thinking of you all often! And, yes, Eddie knows love for sure!!!!!

Vicki Graves said...

So sorry...prayers for Edward and his family from Arkansas-Trinity Standard Poodles

Constance said...

Edward has a strong will to live, so that may be enough to get him through this. We send positive thoughts & energy, and wish for the best possible outcome for him.

Ellen W said...

Sending all of our love and best wishes. Dave, Ellen, Emily, Ian, Sophie and the boys - Jack, Fritz, and Eli (your partner in crime)

Har1748 said...

Perhaps a Feeding Tube would help him keep up his strength.
Hello There,
I posted this information to the Raising Poodles Facebook Page, where I learned of Edward's condition and also the link to your blog, by a post from Amy Lynch.
I hope that this will help you and Edward.
Harold Reeg - Ocala,Florida - USA


Roxie on YouTube:

CPE = Canine Performance Events

Har1748 said...

There is a Maegaesophagus support group on Yahoo Groups: