Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Preparations

We really look forward to our first Christmas with Edward in the house. He will probably be the one with the most presents under the tree this year. If he continues to be good, of course ...

Sometimes you get these very funny situations with dogs, and you almost wonder if they understand what you say. That happened one day when Edward was running aroud and playing wildly in the kitchen. He wasn't well behaved at all, I'm afraid. "What are you going to say to Santa, Eddie?" I asked. "When he comes and asks if you have been a good boy." He skidded to a halt and sat down abruptly. His back was so upright he almost tilted backwards. And then he gently gave me his paw. Aww, wouldn't that melt a mother's heart? We got a good laugh too.
Obviously, Edward will have to get his own Christmas stocking, and Husfruen has challenged her knitting skills, and actually managed to produce a sock - with his name and all. It will be filled with dog treats and hung on the mantel piece.

Edward has also discovered another of Christmas' pleasures - baking! Our Norwegian version of donuts proved to be a real hit. I think they might even challenge bacon pancakes as his favorite food.

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