Monday, 24 October 2011

Ladders and luck

Hello everyone,
I hope there are still some readers out there who drop by every once in a while, even though I have been terribly bad at blogging lately. Those of you who follow Edward on Facebook, will have seen that a few things have happened in his life. I hope to put out some more news soon. For now, here is today's story.

It all began when Hubby and Husfruen climbed onto the garage roof to do some maintenance work.

Edward, who is terrified of missing out on anything that happens, wanted to join us. He stood in the garden, looking up, whinging and whining, while wishing desperately that he could fly.

He realized he had to climb the ladder to come up, but that isn’t easy for those among us with four legs and paws.

However, Edward decided to give it a go.

It didn’t go well, to say the least. Suddenly the ladder started sliding sideways and with a huge crash it fell over, knocking loose a drainpipe on the way. Whoops!
Edward wasn’t the only one who jumped sky high. There we were, caught on the garage roof, with no possibility of getting down, except for jumping. Bad luck, indeed.
It can’t be denied that a few colourful phrases were shouted in Edward’s direction.

He on the other hand, sat at attention, doing his best to look totally innocent and unconcerned, but it was pretty obvious that he knew he was in trouble.

Fortunately, our neighbour was out working in her garden too, so we managed to call for help. She got a good laugh at our expense.
- What do you say, Eddie? Shall we let them down? She asked Edward, who wagged his tail with an apologetic grin.
So, it all ended well, and Edward escaped scolding yet again. Good luck for us all.
However, we learned a lesson: If you are climbing ladders, make sure the dog is securely tied on a leash on the other side of the house. Edward hopefully learned that ladders are not for dogs.

Unless you are Fatty Arbuckle’s dog, of course. Now, there was a dog that mastered the art of ladder climbing.

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