Thursday, 22 December 2011

William is here

Yesterday our son William came home for Christmas. Edward had not seen him since he was a tiny puppy, so we wondered if he would recognize him. We think he did, for he was more hyper than we've ever seen him.
Edward heard the car coming, and took up his usual place by the window in the hall, where he has a full view of everything that's happening. When he saw William, he began to whinge and wail, while his tail wagged frantically. He could not stand still, but ran around himself in circles.
When William came in, Edward suddenly became a little scared. A big young man who threw himself around his neck was almost too much of a good thing, so he piddled a little bit on the floor.
Finally they both calmed down, and we had a quiet evening around the coffee table, where Edward showed off all of his tricks, hoping to get some bites of "smultring".
For the remainder of the evening, Hubby and I were apparently reduced to a part of the furniture. Edward took no notice of us at all, but followed William like a shadow wherever he went.
It will be very nice for him to have a brother and friend around at Christmas.

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